Terms and Conditions

Article 1. Definitions

In this Agreement, the following definitions are used:

  • Buyer: The consumer who purchases a ticket through tickets.impro-amsterdam.nl for events organized within the scope of IMPRO Amsterdam;
  • Terms and Conditions: These General Terms and Conditions;
  • Booking: The establishment of an agreement whereby the Buyer enters into an agreement with the Organizer in the manner set out in these General Terms and Conditions;
  • Admission Fees: The price of the ticket, excluding any additional costs or ancillary deliveries;
  • Event: The happening, which, by way of example but not limited to, includes a performance or a workshop for which the ticket is purchased;
  • Venue: The place where the Event takes place;
  • Organizer: The organization of IMPRO Amsterdam, under the auspices of Stichting IMPRO Amsterdam;
  • Agreement: The respective agreement between the Organizer and the Buyer;
  • Ticket: The admission pass to an Event;
  • Website: The website www.impro-amsterdam.nl with the subdomain tickets.impro-amsterdam.nl;
  • Box Office Sales: The sale of Tickets through the ticket counter at the Venue.

Article 2. Formation of the Agreement

2.1 Method of forming the agreement: The Agreement is concluded when the Buyer has placed a Booking.

2.2 A Booking is irrevocable for the Buyer. The Buyer is not able to make changes to concluded Agreements.

Article 3. Tickets

  1. Tickets can be booked by a Buyer through the Website of IMPRO Amsterdam or via Box Office Sales.
  2. Without prior written consent from the Organizer, it is not permitted:
    • To sell Tickets to third parties or to provide Tickets to third parties in any other way for commercial purposes, directly or indirectly;
    • To offer Tickets in commercial promotions - in any way whatsoever - or to otherwise refer to the admission passes.
  3. If the Buyer acts in violation of the Organizer’s or Venue’s General Terms and Conditions, the Organizer may invalidate the Tickets; in such cases, holders of those Tickets will be denied access to the Event, without any right to compensation.
  4. The Organizer reserves the right to set a maximum on the number of Tickets that can be booked. Bookings exceeding this limit may be adjusted or canceled without prior notice.
  5. Prices for Tickets are subject to the applicable statutory VAT rates.
  6. Additional booking fees may vary based on the method and timing of purchases. All costs will be displayed during the Booking process. No other costs will be charged beyond the shown fees.

Article 4. Fulfillment

  1. The Organizer aims to send the Tickets to the Buyer immediately after booking and, in any case, before the start of the Event, provided that the purchase price for the Tickets has been paid. If the Buyer has not received the Tickets on time, the Buyer should contact the Organizer in writing (by letter or email).
  2. Upon receipt of the ordered Tickets, the Buyer must check them for accuracy. If there are any inaccurately printed Tickets, the Buyer will receive replacement Tickets upon the first written request and without additional costs, provided that the Buyer returns the already delivered tickets to the Organizer. Such request must include relevant details and reasons. If the customer has not informed the Organizer in writing within 7 days prior to the start of the event, the Organizer may decide not to exchange the Tickets.
  3. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse Bookings from Buyers or to apply additional conditions to Bookings, at all times.

Article 5. Liability

  1. All offers, (program) announcements, communications, or other information and price quotations provided by the Organizer are non-binding. The Organizer accepts no liability for any errors in announcements, offers, communications, or other information and price quotations provided to the Buyer.
  2. If requested, the Buyer is always obliged to show their admission pass and any card entitling them to a discount on this admission pass to recognizable officials of the Organizer. The admission pass must be shown at the entrance of (the relevant space of) the Event, even if the customer has left (the relevant space of) the Venue during (the duration of) an Event.
  3. The customer is not entitled to a refund of the admission price or any other compensation (i) in case of loss or theft of their admission pass, or (ii) if the customer obtained the admission pass from a third party other than the Organizer, and the third party fails to pay the admission price to the Organizer for reasons on the third party’s side.
  4. If, for any reason, the customer does not use the Ticket, this is at their own expense. Once a Ticket has been obtained, it cannot be exchanged or returned. In all cases, no refund of the admission price will be made.
  5. In case an event is rescheduled or canceled, the customer can receive a refund of the credit. If the customer chooses to receive a refund, this will be done within 30 days after the customer has notified the Organizer of their request.