IMPRO Amsterdam

Feb 25th – Mar 4th 2023
Zonnehuis theatre, Zonneplein 30 Amsterdam

You can apply to play, teach, direct and host a jam at IMPRO Amsterdam 2023

Want to join us at IMPRO Amsterdam 2023 as a teacher, director, performer or host of a jam? Let us tell you all about all the different ways you can join us in making this festival a blast! And just so you know: there’s no limit to the categories or ideas you can send us. Don’t wait too long to send in your application, the deadline is the 12th of October.

I want to be a part of the festival!

Dutch Casting Days 2023 applications are open!

Do you want to play at IMPRO Amsterdam 2023 as part of the Dutch Cast? Of course you do! Well, here’s the cool thing: if you live in the Netherlands and have some Improv experience, you can apply. Applications for the Dutch Casting Days on the 5th of November now open. Click on the button below and join us for a wonderful day with a lot of cool, fun improvisers!

I want to apply for the Dutch Cast!

Applications open from the 22nd of September until the 22nd of October.

We are super excited to tell you all about the Dutch Casting Days for IMPRO Amsterdam 2023 on the 5th of November in detail. For those of you who want details, we’ve got them! Read all about it in our Frequently Asked Questions.

The Dutch Casting Day show

What if you want to be a part of the Dutch Casting Day to cheer on your buddy, or just breathe in the atmosphere and watch some Improv? Good news, you can! At the end of the Dutch Casting Day, there will be a show by all potential Dutch Cast members. If you want to be able to say “I saw them perform before they got famous”, you can come watch all these talented improvisational actors perform in the evening. Be there to watch the announcement of the Dutch Cast live at Mike’s Badhuistheater!

Buy a ticket for the Dutch Casting Day show

About IMPRO Amsterdam

Joins us for a festival of improvised theatre where everyone is welcome! Whether you’ve been doing improvised theatre for years, or you’ve only heard about it just now, we’re glad you’re interested.

What is improvised theatre?

Just like its name suggests, improvised theatre is all made up on the spot. Get immersed in unscripted theatre ranging from tear-jerking drama to hilarious comedy. We could talk about it all night!

Want to see something cool?

From the 25th of February to the 4th of March we have shows every night at the Zonnehuis, starting at 18:15 for the early birds and ending around 23:00 for the night owls, with up to 4 shows to pick from, or simply devour them all.

We’ve got some incredibly talented improvisers from all over the world coming to Amsterdam to play beautiful improvised theatre, so watch this space and our social media channels to learn who is playing!

Want to learn something new?

Improvisational theatre is a lot of fun to watch, but it’s even more fun to have a go yourself. A great variety of workshops are on offer during the festival. The workshops are for everyone. You don’t need years of experience or to speak perfect english. Just show up and our teachers will make sure you feel right at home.

We’re planning all kinds of really interesting and fun workshops about all kind of things. We’ll keep you updated in our newsletter and on our socials when we know more, as well as on this site!

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