What is impro?

What is impro

Improvisation, or impro or improv, is live theater without a script – so everything is made up on the spot by the players onstage. That means the performers generally act as writers, editors, actors and directors simultaneously. Often the improvisers will take a suggestion or get some other form of input from the audience.

A range of emotions

Sometimes improv can be fast and furious and funny, other times it can be dramatic and eloquent. Sometimes it can be physically inventive, or musical… in fact, it can be many different things. Just like scripted theater. Except improv is spontaneous. It’s tightrope walking without the tightrope.


One of the most special things about improv is that once a show is done, it’s never done again.
That means when you’re at an improv show you see something that is literally once-in-a-lifetime! At IMPRO Amsterdam we bring some of the best and most diverse groups from all over the world to show off their different skills and approaches to this dynamic form of theater!

The proof is in the pudding

See some videoclips from the Grand Opening in 2017, and get ready to join us during the festival to see the best improv in the world…made just for you!