Join the heart of IMPRO Amsterdam...our volunteers!

One of the many extraordinary aspects of IMPRO Amsterdam:

it’s an entirely volunteer-based festival.

The full team and the actors are all doing it for the love of impro.

Will you join us,
be part of the festival vibe,
and enjoy great shows for free?

Yes, sign me up!

Or e-mail volunteers@impro-amsterdam.nl for any question or information you need.

We need people for the following tasks (click them for more info):

Home stay
We are very honoured to receive our foreign guests and like to provide them with a comfortable place to stay. So if you have a spare room or bed and would like to host 1, 2 or maybe even more guests, we would love to hear about it. You get a small fee to cover breakfast expenses (dinner is at the theatre) and you are welcome with two people at the intimate Sneak Preview on Sunday the 26th of January. Next to that you will receive two free tickets for the show of the actors you host.
How much time does it take:
The actors arrive on or before Saturday January 25th (you will get exact dates as soon as we know the flight times). You can pick them up yourself if you like, but we can also put people from the Welcome crew on that.
There’s no need to entertain them all the time; there’s an action packed program most of the week (which you can regularly join), so if you’re working during the week and have a spare key for them, that’s fine as well! Spend as much or as little time with your guest(s) as you please.
Welcome crew
Your smiling face is the very first of the festival the actors will get to see!
You pick them up at Schiphol airport or Amsterdam Central Station and take them to their home stay address. With all their luggage of course, so some cars in this pool are very handy.
How much time does it take:
A few hours on arrival days, which are mostly on the friday or saturday before the start of the festival. (when we know the flight times, you know).
How many needed:
At least 4 per arrival date, but it’s much more fun to be with more people!
Dish washing
Even though we have a dish washer available, we still need people to fill it and clear it out…And man, do we love those people. You think the cook gets all the credit? Wait till you hear the dish washers’ applause…
How much time does it take:
From 17.15 until 19.45 at the latest; we will make sure you’re ready in time for the start of the show.
How many needed:
2 per night. If you’ve ever wanted to do real dishes with that special someone instead of all this impro pretend stuff….this is your moment.
For most of the cast, crew and theater visitors, going through all the beautiful pictures that were taken during the festival is their favorite way of bringing back memories; you can be sure to see your pictures turn up in the daily foyer presentation, on all possible social media, as well as on the festival website!
How much time does it take:
You can join us for dinner (17.30 h), or at the latest just before the start of the show at 19.45. We will need you to upload your photo’s the same night or early the next morning.
How many needed:
1 per night
Experience necessary:
Yes, you are an experienced (theater) photographer with a good camera at your disposal.
Photographers will be selected by Joël Bosch, the photo/video satellite.
We will register entire shows. Filming is done with a static camera in the audience where the whole stage is constantly filmed, and we need cameramen who are filming from the side of the stage to get the best close-ups possible.
How much time does it take:
You can join us for dinner (17.30 h), or at the latest just before the start of the show at 19.45.
How many needed:
2 per night (1 per camera)
Experience necessary:
For the static camera you just need to know how to push record. But for the close-up camera, yes, some filming experience is asked. Filming crew will be selected by Joël Bosch, the photo/video satellite.
Video Editing
Did you see the cool scene video’s on our facebook page? We improvisers do love to relive great scenes! That is why we need volunteers for the film montage. After the festival, the footage of the shows you attended, from two cameras, will be given to you to edit into two full videos of 45 minutes with cool switches between close-up and full stage. We have software and a quick tutorial but you still need a computer that can handle some heavy lifting.
How much time does it take:
Expect 4 hours of editing per evening. Deadline before June 2020.
How many needed:
1 per evening, but more evenings is of course always possible. So check out the schedule and choose wisely 😉
Experience necessary:
Just a bit of computer skills and a heavy-use computer will suffice. The editing of the two complete evening shows is a job for after the festival.
Daily Slideshow - Super Volunteer Job!
A daily slideshow is projected in the foyer of the Compagnietheater. It includes pictures, videos, daily/weekly program, special deals; anything that would interest and/or entertain our guests during the time they spend in the foyer. So if you’re a good presenter even without the spoken word: this is your gig!
How much time does it take:
A few hours to set it up and a little time every day to update it.
How many needed:
1 to 3 (shared job) for the entire week. This could easily be a Super Volunteer job.
Experience necessary:
Yes, some experience with creating slideshows is required. Slideshow crew will be selected by Joël Bosch, the photo/video satellite.
Checking tickets
We need someone to help out one of our Front desk hosts to check the tickets of our audience at the entrance of the theatre and make sure everybody finds a seat. You just need to upload an app on your phone and you are ready to go!
How much time does it take:
Start at 19.30 and we keep one of the best seats for you in the theatre where you can slide in once the audience is seated.
How many needed:
1 per night
Roadie - Super Volunteer Job!
Before, during and after the main show, the set dressing often needs to be changed and we could use some extra help with that! The ultimate way to get yourself back-stage.
How much time does it take:
From 19.30 h until the start of the late night show
How many needed:
1 per night
Workshop Coordinator - Super Volunteer Job!
This is a special job and so a Super Volunteer Job. Starting a few weeks before the festival, you will be in charge of the workshops inbox, answering possible questions of participants. You are in touch with the trainers to provide them necessary information, and last but not least, you are hosting the teachers and participants during the festival week.
How much time does it take?
In the 2 weeks before the festival 2 hours a week at the most, during the festival the start and ending of the workshops meaning:
During the day, saturday until saturday 9.30 – 10.30 and 13.00 – 14.30
How many needed?
1-2 people (possible shared job). This is a Super Volunteer job. Pls find more info on the super volunteers jobs below.
Party Crew
We improvisers love to party and we like to close this amazing week with a big bang! Do you have like a thousand ideas for the closing party and love to organise? Please sign up and become a part of a great team! Of course you can also sign up with your group of impro friends.
How much time does it take:
Starting a week before the festival and make a good plan with a group then it should not take too much of your time.
How many needed:
3 to 5 people
Back up Volunteer
As we rely entirely on the volunteers, a back up is not a luxury. Since there can always be circumstances a volunteer is not able to attend to the job. So when there are days or nights that we can write you down as a spare to call when we are in trouble, that would be great!! Of course when you replace someone you will also get the privileges belonging to that job.

Yes, sign me up!

Do I get a discount on workshops?
No we only reward our volunteers with a free ticket on the night the volunteer or a night of their choosing in case the volunteering takes place on a day without evening shows.

Can I audition for the Dutch cast if I volunteer?
We give our super volunteers and satellites a chance to audition for the Dutch cast next festival, read the next paragraph for info on super volunteering. Satellites are super volunteers that do a lot of work before the festival starts. If your are interested in helping out before the festival starts let us know in the signup form.

Would you like to know more about Super Volunteering?
We love to reward our crazy busy volunteers. We give them a chance to audition for the Dutch cast next festival when they volunteered three times or more during the week. You can use your right to audition immediately for the next festival, or you can save it for the edition after, in case you can’t make the audition or festival dates for the next festival. Also fill out the form and check the box Super Volunteering and we will send you more information.

You’d like to do something, but….
you don’t yet know if the last week of January is going to work for you, or it doesn’t really matter to you which task we give you, as long as you’re in?
Fill out the form anyway, and we’ll keep you posted on when, where and how we need people!

What’s next?
When we have sufficient applications, we will make the week schedule and communicate that to you. We will also send you a more detailed description of your task, if necessary.
On the day you’re volunteering, you’re welcome to join the rest of the cast and crew for dinner (17.30 h) and we provide you with a free ticket to the main show.
If there is no show on the day you volunteer, you get a ticket to one of the main shows of your choosing.

Any questions? We’ll hurry to answer them at volunteers@impro-amsterdam.nl

Yes, sign me up!

and put me on the volunteer list
Don’t live in Amsterdam? Don’t worry, our sponsor Mike’s Bike Tours has offered our volunteers from out of town a free rental bike to get around.