Get involved!

Volunteer with us!

One of the many extraordinary aspects of IMPRO Amsterdam: It’s all run by volunteers.

That means we need YOU. Yes, you, another amazing person with a heart full of Impro love. Want to help out, a little or a lot? Send a message to our friendly volunteer coordinator at or fill in the form with the button below.

Volunteering is a lot of fun and you’ll meet a lot of cool people in no time! And because we value our volunteers very, very much, we give you a free ticket for the day you volunteer!

Let’s create something cool together!

Sponsor the festival!

The arts are difficult to fund, so we are always looking for friends to help us with financial support or in-kind donations. Just send our low in funds guy an e-mail and he’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse!

Friends get benefits

I love to give all my friends special treatment!
For a friendly contribution per year you get to have

  • First chance to buy tickets
  • Priority enrollment for the workshops
  • You will be mentioned as a friend on the website
  • E-mail updates throughout the year on the programme and casting for next year’s festival
  • Best seats of the house at our shows

I, Colin the Chameleon, am humbly asking you:
Do you wanna be my friend?

Yes Colin! Of course I am your friend!

Play at the festival

Would you like to be on stage at the next edition of Impro Amsterdam? Or do you have a great idea for a workshop you want to share with the world?

Get in touch with our Artistic Director Gael at and tell him all about your ideas!