This is your chance to obtain new impro wisdom from abroad and sharpen your impro skills! During the festival you can participate in various impro workshops run by the festival’s international cast members and special guests.

This is the schedule (click to enlarge), more information on each individual workshop and their teachers can be found below!

Secure your spot in the workshop(s) of your choosing here.

2 full days:      €160
6 hours:            €80
3 hours:            €40

Workshop sold out? Send an email to so we can put you on a waiting list.
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Our workshops are classified into 3 levels, based on required experience from participants:

Intermediate: requires 1-3 years of experience
Advanced: requires 3-8 years of experience
(Semi)professional: requires 8 years of experience or more

Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 January (2 full days)

Free Form Improvisation – Will Luera, 12 hours, Intermediate
Masterclass on YOU – Patti Stiles, 12 hours, (Semi)professional

Monday 23 January

Game of Thrones: On Stage! - Nicole Mischler, 3 hours, Intermediate
Solo/duo - Rod Ben Zeev, 6 hours, Intermediate
Implied storytelling - Anja Boorsma, 3 hours, semi-professional
Emotions - Monica Anastase, 3 hours, Intermediate
Long form Rollercoaster - Anja Boorsma, 3 hours, Advanced

Tuesday 24 January

Be Fun, be physical! - Telmo Ramalho, 6 hours, Intermediate
Play your partner - Anders Fors, 3 hours, All
Fear as a friend - Daniel Orrantia, 3 hours, Intermediate/advanced
Musical Playlist - Jochem Meijer, 3 hours, Intermediate

Wednesday 25 January

Find the game of the scene - Anders Fors, 3 hours, All
Scenes without words - Felipe Ortiz, Daniel Orrantia and Sarah Michaelson, 6 hours, Intermediate
Great minds think alike - Marta Borges, 6 hours, Intermediate
Truth and Intimacy - Sven Lanser, 3 hours, Advanced

Thursday 26 January

THE SOUNDTRACK - Sarah Michaelson, 3 hours, Intermediate
Scenes that matter - Patti Stiles, 6 hours, Advanced
Fail and be happy - Felipe Ortiz, 3 hours, Intermediate
Dynamic scene work - Anton Romanus, 3 hours, All
Characters - Axel Moustache, 3 hours, All
Performing for a purpose - Blackout, 3 hours, All


Friday 27 January

Love and the body - Laura Doorneweerd, 3 hours, Intermediate
Play fast - Fantasize - Pedro Borges, 6 hours, Intermediate
Painting the improvised scene - Daniel Orrantia, 3 hours, Intermediate
Hurray for the inner critic - Anja Boorsma, 3 hours, Advanced
50 Characters in 3 hours - Rod Ben Zeev, 3 hours, Intermediate
Fuck the rules - Timothée Ansieau, 3 hours, Intermediate

Saturday 28 January

Physical impro - Felipe Ortiz, 3 hours, Intermediate
Ensemble in the focus - Anders Fors, 3 hours, Intermediate
Daredevil - Victoria Bang, 3 hours, Intermediate/advanced
Two person shows - Charlotte Gittins & Andrew Hunter Murray, 3 hours, Intermediate
Acting for improvisers - Roemer Lievaart, 6 hours, Advanced