FAQ Tickets

We have a brand new webshop! A system designed for festivals and cinemas. So you may find an occasional reference to the world of movie theaters (look for the word ‘screening times’) 😉

Why do I have to make an account?

To make things easy. You register once. After that, it’s browsing, shopping and looking at your order history. And we won’t sell your data to data mining companies. Promise.


What happened to those nice passepartouts that give you access to every evening of IMPRO Amsterdam? Good news, they are still there! Look under itineraries.


Yes, we have special discounts! Yay! You get a 15% discount if you buy 6 or more different items. And if you bring all your friends and buy more than 10 tickets for one show, you get a 10% discount. The tickets for lodging at the StayOkay hostel are excluded from these discounts.

Transaction fee and PayPal/Credit Cards

Currently you can pay for your tickets with iDeal, PayPal, VISA or MasterCard. You may notice that the transaction fee for PayPal and the Credit Cards is higher. PayPal and the Credit Card companies not only charges us a fee per transaction, but also a percentage of that transaction. That’s why.

Is there a waiting list?

If a workshop is sold out, you can send a mail to with a request to put you on a waiting list, in case somebody cancels. For shows we dont’t have any waiting list. Please use your social media or other skills to see whether somebody has a ticket to spare.

I’m not able to attend the show, can I get a refund?

Nope. Sorry. The festival organisation does not refund or take back tickets. Do you want to trade a spare ticket? Try our Facebook page

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