If you’d like to be invited to be part of our festival cast, please read the following:


  • each year we invite appr. 10 foreign actors in total (of 4 nationalities) and we add 6 actors of our company TVA
  • we invite teams, duo’s and solo performers
  • we try to vary in different styles and countries, but it’s common to have 1 team/individual from North-America each year
  • we are an improvisation theatre festival and therefore only invite improvising performers.
  • English is the festival language
  • each nationality teaches 1 or 2 three hour workshop(s)
  • we are a non-profit organisation without structural funding, run solely by volunteers
  • we take care of meals and accommodation at private homes of TVA members
  • we pay one third of your travel costs
  • every nationality has a 45 minute slot for their Special
  • all cast members are also cast in several mixed shows
  • throughout the week there are several workshops to inspire eachother and create new formats
  • there will be a social programme that offers networking and Dutch culture

We are done casting the 2017 edition. If you are interested in participating in a future edition, you are an improvisation group and you have read the conditions above, you can send an email to the artistic director at We start casting around April for the festival in January.

Read what Andy Eninger, head of the writing program of Second City Chicago, wrote about last year’s festival:

“IMPRO Amsterdam 2012 was an extraordinary festival; I have been to festivals all over the world, but this one was special. From the first day, the organizers took great care to make us feel like family. The opportunity to really get to know the other groups through mixed shows and daily workshop rehearsals created a community that continues months later. I felt completely supported as a performer, from the sold-out crowds to the wonderful dinners provided each night to the personalized tours of the city. IMPRO Amsterdam is at the forefront of creating a global improv community, and their festival shows it; I’ve never been so sad to head home at the end of a festival.”