We are working hard in bringing the best stars to IMPRO Amsterdam 2018…

In the meantime read all about the stars of IMPRO Amsterdam 2017:

Big Bang (USA)
Boston style free-form! The entire set moves seamlessly from one scene to the next at the rate of over a scene a minute all following the group play philosophy of “follow the funny”. The show builds rapidly and culminates in a series of surprising and organic callbacks done through the unique editing styling and story telling of this Boston super-team. This is a high-energy improv experience that redefines itself with every performance.


Folie à Deux (UK)
Folie à Deux is a darkly elegant comedy show from two of Britain’s most inventive improvisers. Riffing on a single word from the audience, the cast of two dive into an hour of wit, chemistry and masterful wordplay, creating new characters and stories at breakneck pace. Expect razor-sharp comic timing, stunning emotional chemistry and really smart stupidity. Just don’t expect a script.


Gbgimpro (Sweden)
This is an improvised show about ordinary humans and their big (or small) issues in life. Follow the characters in this funny and dramatic story about what it’s like to be a small person in a big, tough world! The audience will choose common, everyday issues and during the show these small events will escalate to bigger and bigger proportions. Because that’s what can happen when you have BiG Issues!


Os Improváveis (Portugal)
Using a Fado song (traditional Portuguese music) as starting point and a suggestion from the audience, this group will improvise a long form play using the richness and dramatic ambiance of Fado music. Beautiful, intense, full of contrasts and unforgettable, just like Portugal.  A piano player and a singer improvise Fado songs inspired by the story created on stage.


Patti Stiles (Australia)
This Melbourne-based impro heroine is basically everything: actor, improvisor, playwright, director, teacher and awesome, all in one woman. She will join the main cast of the festival and will teach during the week. To  learn more about Patti, listen to this podcast interview with her by Laura Doorneweerd (IMPRO Amsterdam 2016 and 2017 Dutch cast member).

Patti Stiles

Picnic Impro (Colombia + Canada)
Speechless is a project created by Colombian improvisers Felipe Ortiz and Daniel Orrantia with Canadian DJ Mama Cutsworth. The magic of this long form comes from one key element: no words are used. Instead, the body and music are the focus, allowing anyone in the world to understand the beautiful and intertwining stories that unfold. Based on physical theatre, clown techniques, and film scores, Speechless lives at the intersection of familiar and surreal.


Dutch cast
This is a very special group of improvisers: Amsterdam’s finest! Laura Doorneweerd, Huib van der Gaag, Kiki Hohnen, Sven Lanser, Roemer Lievaart & Nardje Trepels bravely took the stage during the audition show and fought for their rightful place in the main cast of IMPRO Amsterdam 2017. Seldom has an impro show had such high stakes. Keep an eye on the newsletter, Colin the Chameleon will introduce each member in one of the upcoming editions.

Left-right: Nardje, Roemer, Huib, Sven, Kiki and Laura.